1 de julho de 2011

Trying a vintage look...

Ok, treinando um look mais vintage. Confesso que as poses não são tão fáceis como isso, e esta foi a primeira vez que usei o batom vermelho, daí parecer pouco à vontade, eheheh. Para a próxima uso uns sapatos vermelhos lindos que achei, creio que muito vintage também. O problema é usá-los, há já algum tempo que me dediquei aos sapatps confortáveis (e nada sexys), então agora está a custar um pouco... Mas lá chegarei, lol.

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Brittany_Va-VoomVintage disse...

Hi, Susy!
Thanks so much for your comment! I don't think there's anything wrong with having a round face and trying vintage looks. My face it really round too. Just look at Betty Grable! She had a really round face so she often did the puffy fringe or victory rolls to help elongate her face. I think you should go ahead and get the cut you want! A few inches off the back and a little off the sides would make a big difference and help you to try different styles. Most importantly, layers and a little bit of thinning out will help it to curl properly. When I got my vintage cut about 8 months ago, my stylist had to thin my hair out a lot. I was scared because it looked like she was cutting a lot of hair but in the end, it made styling so much easier to do and helps to get a very authentic look. When its not styled, the layers look very cute and modern. Also, you can keep a lot of length and still do many different vintage styles. I'll be doing some tutorials for long hair soon, so I hope that helps you out! If you have any questions about vintage cuts or anything, just ask!