22 de março de 2012


Como sabem, há imensos blogs vintage que gosto e sigo. Um deles é o The Girl with the Star-Spangled Heart . E hoje, ao visitar esse blog, vi que ela estava a atribuir o Sunshine Award aos leitores. Pois bem, com muita honra aceito, e agora vou responder ao questionário.  :)

Favorite color: Blue.

Favorite animal: Dogs (Dobermanns) and Horses

Favorite number: Humm... Maybe 10, it´s the day I was born.

Favorite non-alcoholic drink: Coca-Cola

Facebook or Twitter: Facebook.

My passion: 40s and 50s, music, to read, animals, sunsets.  :)

Getting or giving presents: Both. I love to try to get the perfect present for someone, and surprising that person. But to get a present, specially not on those "normal" days (not birthday or Christmas), it is very special for me.
Favorite pattern: I´m still in the process of finding the patterns, but I love everything from those eras (40s and 50s)

Favorite day of the week: Saturday. I go to the country and my family always get together.

Favorite flower: Irises or daffodils. 

So, here it is. Thank you.  :)

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